About Me

My name is Malik Pinklyn. I believe I was given the name Malik, which means king, in reference to Malcolm X (after he changed his name to Malik el-Shabazz). Though I have had nicknames in the past, such as pooh, which I received from my mother, and goggles, which I received during playing football in high school, they are seldom used now that I am older.

As time goes on, I find it increasingly easier to wake up early and increasingly difficult to stay up late. When I do manage to stay up late, I often turn to music to fight off the boredom until I fall asleep. Listening to music also helps me relax after a stressful or hectic day. While many people turn to religion or spiritual belief during their stressful times, I do not practice any. However, I occasionally attended my grandmother’s Baptist church as a child and visited the community center my aunt practices Buddhism on a few occasions.

Despite having a Spanish class throughout most of my education, I still struggle with the language. Perhaps if I visited a Spanish speaking country such as Spain I would be able to improve my Spanish with first hand practice. I’d love to visit Japan someday and experience their vastly different culture or even experience the beauty Germany holds. So far, I have only ever lived in the states of Illinois and Wisconsin, but it would be nice to live outside the country in the future.

When it comes to the tough questions, like preference over cats and dogs, I choose dogs because they are friendlier and allow for better interaction. While I admit my food preference isn’t the most diverse, I would love to try more Middle Eastern food. At the moment, my favorite show is Game of Thrones, which I’m sure the rest of the world would agree with. One of my favorite bands is Gorillaz, which has landed the animated group a gig as my desktop wallpaper.

Most people don’t know I’m terrified of spiders, which is probably a good thing. They also don’t know I love music so much I decided to start collecting it in the form of the expensive and outdated medium known as vinyl. Lastly, most people don’t know at Lollapalooza in 2016, a seagull’s poop landed directly on my face. Most people don’t know this fact because who likes talking about the time they got **** on in public? Apparently, I do, since I’m telling you about it now. Now that you know me a little better, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @malikpinklyn, and maybe I’ll start using these accounts.