Being real and equipped

When we were young, our parents taught us the basics. Listen politely. Ask questions. Make eye contact. Don’t ramble on too long. If you remove the self-imposed seriousness from an interview, it’s really something you’ve been doing your whole life: talking to people.

When someone is looking to add a person to their team, company, or simply in terms of investment. What do you think trumps skills, experience, and your IQ? The short answer is, Somebody that’s real. In today’s world no one teaches you how to be real, you either are or you’re not. To be real is to be yourself. Why would you honestly walk into any situation and be anyone but yourself anyways? Well, at times when researching a company or brand you might feel like you need to hide behind the person you really are, or say something impressive, but really that is going to get you further from your dream job.

Being equip is something you need to be well prepared for the interview both internal as well as externally. You have to show your commitment, dedication and reflect that you are striving for profession. Actually it requires more mental preparation than physical i.e how you manages stress in your interview. If you are mentally strong, only then you can work out to overcome the professional challenges.

Talking to Adnan sb. was a great experience. We are very thankful to him that he gave us time from his busy and tight schedule. We made him a conference call after getting the acknowledgement through email. Although we can’t talk to him personally due to his non-availability, still we learnt many things and we are feeling more prepared and confident for appearing in an interview.

So here’s a few take away’s, after talking to Adnan sb.

Be authentic

Be ready to talk intelligently about some of your accomplishments, the things that demonstrate your value. So identify several of your strengths and figure out specific examples of work you’ve done that highlights those strengths.

Be honest

Don’t oversell yourself because while you may be tempted to exaggerate on certain things, remember that you will be measured against these expectations after landing the job. If you’re not as expert in one particular area let them know and always be open to learning new skills, that goes a long way rather than saying you’re an expert in something you’re not.

Be open

Don’t hide your needs or desires. Tell them up front what you’re looking for in your next position and be open enough to know that while you may not get them right away it is possible later on.

Be yourself

Simply said, you should always be yourself. If you can’t express who you are and showcase your personality than maybe you’re interviewing at the wrong place.

Lastly, always listen to yourself vs. anyone else, because while self help books and videos are useful information only you truly know what you want and you have all the right tools within yourself to make your dreams come true. So go for it and always have confidence.

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