Identifying the real life of purpose

There are no billboards or flashing neon that light the way toward finding your calling or purpose.

Very few people instinctively know what they want to do with their life.

After doing my matriculation, i appeared in the cadet college entry test and got selected. I was not having any clear idea, what and why i am going there in cadet college and what i may have to face there. I was very relaxed and happy. But the moment i said good bye to my parents and relatives who came there with me, i started realizing that it is going to be challenging. With each passing day, i learnt something new. Most importantly, living in hostel at that age demands a lot of pain and sacrifice which unwillingly i accepted. That tough and irritating routine, getting up at early, when even there was no sunshine out there, doing some exercises, and then going for college, coming back and having some rest, followed by gaming and then study time starts. I was not following that routine in my early life, yes sometimes, when my dad pressurizes me, i went to walk or exercise, but here i have to adopt these all and then they became my habit and now i can feel and realize the benefits of that pain which i suffered from, 8 years ago. I still remember my first lunch at Cadet college where i found the most likely dish “Biryani” and i was eating it being hungry, all at once, my spoon created the noise and i was thrown out of the mess and even not allowed to eat the dinner as a punishment. But now whenever i sit for “Biryani” , that teasing situation reminds me of my old days and i became careful in eating Biryani rather than enjoying it.

This picture reminds me of my university days when i was in my first semester. There was voting for CR and i choosed to stand for it and was honored to wear the tag although i was very confused and even don’t know what my responsibilities might be, and that you can feel from my face expressions too where i am standing with my colleagues, thanked to them for pushing me hard to take a step for this. Although it was very challenging 4 years of Cr ship, where sometimes i have to bear the loss in the form of studies, and sometimes due to my negligence of not timely communicating to class fellows, i suffered in many ways. But here i am today, saying and conveying that today i can say that management is a lethal weapon of mine. I am good at time management and team work.

Suffering always pay you back.

Stay Blessed!