Learning from working professional

Meet an extra ordinary human, brother and an inspiration for me, Engineer Omer Iqbal, my M.phil class fellow, as well as my senior in the company i am doing training in. He is gold medalist in his B.Sc Electrical Engineering, Gold medalist in Ms in Electrical Engineering and chances are very bright that he will get a gold medal in M.phil as well due to his devotion and passion for work.

Tip 4: Put your time in:

He said that when you are in entry level of the organization, it will not be easy for you to survive. Only your passion and energy can save you which you invests during your work. IT depends upon how much productive you are and how much you are punctuate as well.

Tip 5 :Don’t talk badly about the company:

He advised that never talk bad about your colleagues, company or your boss. They are there to support you, to help you and care for you meanwhile they also expects something from you. It’s about win-win situation.

Tip 6: Take control of your relationship with your boss and team member:

He insisted that if you want to grow professionally and want to survive in the market, build a strong professional network and take care of the relationship management. It helps you even when you left the company.

Tip 7: Find a mentor and manage a relationship strategy:

He emphasized to choose a person who can guide you regularly and motivates you in achieving your goal. I insisted him to be my mentor and he said no problem. It will be an honor for me to be there for you any time.

Tip 8: Join a professional body and build your network:

Membership of any professional body is important. In early 2016, i along with him, visited university office and got my PMI membership which is helping me a lot in my PMP exam preparation.

Tip 9: Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning:

Always welcome change and ready to adopt it if you want to achieve high goals and position as different organizations are having different cultures and traditions.

Take a ways:

His talk motivated me a lot and i decided to follow his guidelines. Later on i emailed him thanking him for his precious time.

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