Making the first step towards career

I met Mr. Arif Nabi Baig who passed out in 2015 as an Electrical Engineer from UCP. He is struggling for a job in the town. I decided to help him out by sharing some tips which i learned at Amal fellowship.

I advised him through 1st tip that how he can show his passion in resume, cover letter and how he can align his passion with his career. He wants to join WAPDA as an SDO so i asked him to prepare for technical exam and appear in it in order to get the recommendation letter.

Second thing i pointed out is that forget about other people. Every body has different needs and hence different decisions are made from each individual. What might be good for one person might not be fit for other person. But once you take a decision, stick to it and take ownership regardless of the result. In both cases, you will learn a lot.

Later on i advised him, if he is unable to find a job right now, start doing internship before going for masters degree so that you may get to know what is required in the market. He said that he is applying in different companies and will start doing if being offered.

Overall, it was a good experience, specially when you put yourself as a instructor or guider and satisfies the other person’s questions and queries. He promised to look after these tips in order to pursue his career and asked for such meetings again and again so that he may find what is right and valued in the market.

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