Please ((((( ***** SUBSCRIBE ******)))) for More Videos A Pakistani girl wearing hijab in porn movies have explained the first time the story of the journey of his immorality. According to the website WWWN report Nadia Ali, 25, said in an interview, “I used to work at a beauty salon in San Francisco. This was not much income, so when a friend suggested he begin dancing in a nightclub in the work. I earned $ 500 in the first night (about 50 thousand Pakistani rupees) found that it was better than beauty parlor work. Men were more fond of my dance presentations and so I started in prostitution. My next goal was to get porn movies and I wish I did not have time to finish. I have made their distinct identity in porn movies and my fans is the most unique form. I wear the hijab while working in porn films because it makes me unique and have millions of fans because of her. “ The Nadia Ali This blatant immorality has been forbidden entry into Pakistan, which is set to start trouble. It has also been demonstrated that a video posted in brazen extreme on YouTube that he is aware that working in porn films to sin but still wearing the hijab will continue to work in those films . ► Click To See Our Facebook Page : ► Follow Us On twitter: ► google Plus: ► blogger

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