The Inclinations that lead me to write.

This is me on a bit of a rambling tip. Please bear with me. Perhaps you’ll actually get something out of this.

The idea of writing has stuck with me for a couple of years now. I flip-flop every now and then, from author to content creator, to ghostwriter. My motivations shift every now and then, and I question myself on what exactly I want to be. What do I want to amount to when it’s all said and done?

I think I’ve always wanted to be remembered, for as long as I…

Assorted tips for those struggling to write.

Everything’s a distraction when you aren’t writing.

I’ve been through the wringer more times than I can count when it comes to writing. I remember one time, Sophomore year of my college days, I had an eight page paper due the following morning I was swamped with other work. Due to my initially heavy workload, I forgot about the eight page paper until only hours before it’s due. It was a paper on the films of Spike Lee, so it wasn’t too difficult, but it was very time-consuming.

In haste, I quickly opened my laptop and began to brainstorm for…

How insecurity shifted to confidence

For the larger part of my life I tried to deal in truth, or at least as grounded to it as possible. I got my hopes up often, only for them to be squandered when the truth came around. I grew up with this mindset that there were realistic expectations to fulfill, and you couldn’t define things by your own terms.

Sure, maybe five or ten years ago. Definitely about fifteen years ago.

It’s always good to keep yourself informed. Better yet, to keep yourself prepared. Any old opportunity can land in your lap. …

How a desire to write has helped me strive for self-improvement.

Bear with me on the cheesy headers, I just like to get my point across in memorable ways. Even if they’re memorable for being bad.

I was on Twitter one day when I saw a post that spoke volumes to me. In so many words it said if you find yourself talking more than you’re listening, you’re doing something wrong. I didn’t take the occasional step back to think about it at first, but then it hit me hard.

I often find myself talking over my friends or trying…

The Ups, Downs and Insecurities I have being an author sometimes

Oftentimes I find myself wondering why do I write if I’m always so afraid of what people think of my opinion. I would shut myself out and constantly doubt my talent, giving any excuse as to why I should hold back on this idea or fall back on the next. Maybe this was an outlet to change that, we’ll see.

Okay, I’m starting to get the hang of this blogging thing. I add a little bit of my own storytelling into it, and I seem to keep myself afloat…

A couple years ago, I would’ve told you I was a closeted anime fanatic afraid to express his ideas to the outside world. Afraid of being called out for being “out of the norm,” and trying something different. It was childish, and I was a kid cut me a break.

But that was a couple years ago. My peers weren’t mature college students and adults, like they are now. Everyone is a lot more open about their hobbies, some without shame. It makes you more comfortable talking about what you like. …

A small outburst as a fan of superheroes.

I was waking up a bit late last week when I practiced my usual routine for the morning consisting of brushing my teeth, showering and all the cliche hygienic details. I had checked Twitter on my phone, as I usually do, when I happened to see that Henry Cavill was the top trending topic that hour. For those of you not in the know these days, Cavill is currently the actor playing the iconic Man of Steel in the most recent DC films you’ve seen. …

I’d taken quite an interest in Woody Allen over the coming months. He was a controversial figure, but one that was very popular as well. I wasn’t a big fan of his previous films, although I was told Manhattan would be different.

Woody Allen has presented me with an ensemble of films to his credit, some better than others while others showed glaring weaknesses. Throughout most of his films he has given us a repetitive but cynical theme of love shown over the course of the respective film’s storyline.

From Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Interiors, we were…

I took my first steps out onto that platform months ago, the memory still fresh in my mind from seconds of recollection. The memory was a good reminder of days long gone: days I didn’t have to worry about the real world and the consequences my incoming student loans would have.

I wasn’t the ideal student; I didn’t get honors every semester nor did I work consistently while in school. I was a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, enjoying my time away from the real world and the good company I kept in some of the closest friends I have to…

Malike Chris Sizer

Aspiring writer with big dreams. Hoping to reach people through my genuine experiences.

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