We need a well designed stock trading app; And we needed it like yesterday!

Stock Market, sounds like you have to be a Big wheel or a capitalist to be a part of it right. That is the reason only 3% of Indian population are into trading. Most people don’t even know basic knowledge of stock market just like me before I landed at a stock market focused company, Upstox. Trash it from your mind that Stock trading is only for tycoons, all you need to do is, just take an initiative to learn.

“If you are not willing to learn no one can help you, if you are determined to learn no one can stop you.”

If you are into stock trading you must be having trading apps installed on your cellphone or you might be using some web tools. But how was your experience with them? Bad, right? That’s because India was not a design centric country and no one took initiative to revise the user experience in stock trading platforms. But within 5 years we could see a drastic change towards the design aspect. All we need is a well designed Stock trading app and a Web tool in the market. Emotional design, refers to design elements that connects with the user emotionally. The need of the hour should be that, we should try to utilize core design principles to create more engaging, frictionless user experience platform. That’s exactly what we do at Upstox!

Upstox brings the financial markets to the new mobile age, like literally at your fingertips! We’ve been working tirelessly towards making the experience far more better for traders at Upstox. With the focus solely being on the ease of signing up and keeping an eye on interesting companies, With an integrated news section about companies in order to provide more information which will help traders to invest in better stocks. By removing commissions and minimums and enabling trades on the go. And even if users are not ready to invest yet, they can still start by adding a few stocks to the watchlist just to keep an eye on.

In a technology driven world, we have always believed that, the faster the experience, the better it is; but in a product scenario, the entire customer experience is what which matters. Design is, and always was, the key. Twitter, Facebook, Google and some of the most forceful and well-funded startups Pinterest & Airbnb focus on the design and user experience, That’s why they are giants!

In India, around 90% of the trading apps are in a bad design space, which may lead to confusion and even irritation for the user. We at Upstox have paid ample attention to user experience and user interface, We rely on multiple skillsets which includes visual design, psychology, technical skill and problem solving precision. As the product has to be good at two things features and details. Features are the phenomenon that eventually draw people to your product. Details just keep them there and makes your app stand out from your competitors. Our color schemes are consistent i.e. green for gains & red for loses. There is also an option for the user to switch the app in dark or light theme as per ones convenience. Moreover we’re also focusing on better micro interactions which are one of the best techniques for giving delightful feedbacks. For eg. Twitter and Snapchat, with simple user interfaces, grab the users attention with their interactions.

Not only for Pro traders, Upstox is a great trading platform for the youngsters and the mobile generation. However if you’re still thinking that investing in stocks is generally a bad idea and involves a huge risk of losing money. Then in that case, I guess you’re alien to the phrase, “Even the seashore does not give you fresh air without you willing to shed a few calories strolling alongside.”