Army and Democracy by Hamid Mir

Integrity is a great character of the human character, but when someone gets involved in the integrity of his loyalty, then this beauty becomes a tragic error. If instead of the verb is expressed, it is not permissible. There is no need for any meditation, but the whole nation also delivers a person’s patriotism, but when he adds to his patience, then it is said only a show. Democracy is also a style of politics whose success is not only possible by verbal claims but also the successful success of democracy. Democracy is the second name of social justice and social justice is not possible without the power of law, but unfortunately Watan Dasti, the politicians and patriotic dictators of the patriotism of patriotism, always tried to make the constitution and law their own buying lump. Prize in the efforts judges and dictators who gave the award to them I got a political post but I got ridiculous in history. The people who have denied them honor the nation. By the formation of Pakistan, till date, we did not get real democracy nor real dictatorship. In particular, democratic decides have tried to convert its majority into a dictatorhip in Parliament and every dictator voted for democracy in front of the world through fraudulent elections. tried to do. History tells us that despite all the shortcomings, democracy has come to Pakistan more and more. Pakistan’s geographical boundaries have increased in the dark and democratic period, but sometimes in the dictatorship, we lost East Pakistan and sometimes the Siege’s peak was the enemy’s occupation. I went away. From time to time, rumors were spread over the country’s martial law and technocrats in the country, but military spokesman Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor dismissed all the rumors at a press conference on Saturday evening and said That democracy is not a threat to the army. We have to believe that this is the prime minister No one believed, but the Director General ISPR said that everyone heard a lot of attention. The spokesman of the Fuji also said that there would be nothing more than the Constitution. He said democracy was not public with the public Things and prerequisites can be a threat to not being fulfilled.
There is no need to tell why the army in Pakistan is considered a threat to democracy? Four times the martial law has come to this country and some politicians have voiced every martial law. Just as every martial lunar is not only a military but also a politician, in the same manner, preventing the killings of the law is not just the army but also the work of the politicians. Differences in the institutional organizations are in many democratic countries but Whenever this difference comes to us, some politicians and intellectuals are beginning to sound loud. The world’s largest democracy is in our neighbor. More than once in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court rejected the constitutional amendment of the Parliament, but there was no use in the term of martial law. A few years back, both the MPs of the Indian Parliament made a new law about the appointment of judges and the conversion process. The Supreme Court rejected it. And India’s political governments agreed to withdraw troops from Siachen more than once, but every time the Indian Army disagree with its government’s policy. In 1989, the Indo-British agreement between Rajiv Gandhi and Ms. Benazir Bhutto was sabotage. In 2006 Manmohan Singh and Pervez Musharraf agreed on the withdrawal of troops from Siachen, but Indian Army Chief General Jaginder Jaswant Singh (JJ Singh) declared such a deal as the interest of India’s national interest through the press statements. There was a lot of discussion on Singh’s statements but nobody said why he gave a statement to the Indian Express without authorization from the Secretary of Defense. In my deliberate opinion, an Army Chief avoids the opinion of an Army Chief in such cases. But democracy in Pakistan and India is going through evolutionary times. The judiciary and the army succeeded in becoming an independent middle class spokesman, where the rich people dominate in the Parliament, take the example. Take the example of Bangladesha, if the Parliament of India has got the authority to account for judges’ accountability, the Supreme Court The constitutional amendment of the Bangladesh Parliament rejected. The court responded to the verdict against the Supreme Court Chief Justice Sarwardhara Kumar, while responding to it. Justice Sahna gave the example of Pakistan to her parliament and said that Pakistan’s Supreme Court Nawaz Sharif disqualified and Nawaz Sharif left the power.
On the example of Pakistan’s order, the order received so much evidence that Justice Sahna was accused of laundering money after which he has gone on vacation. In Pakistan, there is no shortage of people who declare the judicial proceedings against Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan. A Hindu Justice of Justice is offering Pakistan a good example in his country. We should definitely point out our mistakes and learn lessons from mistakes, but in Pakistan, nothing is bad at all, nothing is happening in the past. Nothing has happened in the last few days. The Interior Minister described the Rangers against the Rangers but not martial law. Is there a slogan inside the court on the petition in the case of Mary Nawaz’s Accountability court, outside the court, but the Martyrs were brought. The military spokeswoman said in a TV interview that the economy is not very bad, but it is not very good. The Interior Minister said in a statement that the military spokesman instead of martial law came to anonymously and the Interior Minister accepted this statement. . These are public expectations and democratic requirements. People should not be military martial, or civilian dictatorships .Your should have a democracy in which the law is equal to all, the people should also have democracy and the army also needs to know .Yama knows where the army is weak It becomes Iraq and Afghanistan where there is a weakness of democracy, a strong army can not compete with the enemy. With strong democracy and strong army, strong judiciary and independent media are responsible for the security of Pakistan. All institutions should Strengthen each other and do not go out of the constitution.

Hamid Mir is a senior journalist and columnist of Pakistan.

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