DOVU The First Network to Introduce Cryptocurrency to the Mobility and Transport Ecosystem

New Blockchain Technology

DOVU platform is a network based on the blockchain technology; it specifically targets the transport system industry, the platform plans to provide support to the new startups in the transport ecosystem so they can create data driven dApps (decentralized apps) using the DOVU platform. Our vision is to create an open source database that is backed by blockchain technology which ensures transparency, fast, authentic and safe data keeping. The users of the network can share their data and get paid in DOV tokens (currency used on the DOVU platform).

Mass Adoption of DOVU

The number of people adopting blockchain technology increases day by day, DOVU plans to increase it further because the possibilities are endless, we are expecting mass adoption of DOVU network not only to the extent of individuals but organizations too and we even plan to create smart cities using IOT, by adding mass users to the network including individuals, organizations, cars and any other computing device like cell phones, which can provide required data to the network. Thus creating tremendous amount of data in the DOVU blockchain database, being a blockchain network it continues to validate itself and once entered data cannot be tampered with and it is ensured that authenticity of data is not compromised, provided the source of data was authentic in the first place. DOVU platform is composed of three components: “DOVU Protocol”, “the DOV Token” and “DOVU API Marketplace”

Monetary Value of Data

DOVU is building an “Open Data Economy” which means that the open public data which traditionally was not monetized at all, DOVU will create a monetary value of all the data that is provided by Data Providers (a person or an org that supplies the data that is owned by data owners) which is ultimately owned by data owners, they will be paid for their data in DOV tokens.

DOV tokens are like a crypto currency or a token specifically designed to facilitate the transactions, activities or services being provided by the network in monetary terms to use any service of the platform a user will pay in DOV tokens. The tokens paid to the data owners as the remuneration could be used to buy gas, tickets or any other good or service bought online; these tokens can be used like other crypto currencies. However, the DOVU platform will give more benefit to the early buyers or the contributors of the DOV token.

Ensuring Rights of Owner

There is in fact some uneasiness, risk, and privacy factors due to which some people may hesitate to come on board, but we at DOVU ensure the rights of the data owner. All the data provided to data providers by the data owner is in fact the property of the owner and he can control his data (even delete it) by using Smart Contracts in which it is predefined that what purpose will the data be used for, whether he will provide personal data or general data only and the remuneration against the data to be received if the smart contract is violated in any way it will be cancelled, data owner also reserves the right to revoke the contract at any time. Keeping these concerns in mind if we look at the popular mapping apps they would not have been possible if there was no open source data, DOVU will pay its users for data collected through their Cars, Smartphone, weather data, travelling data etc.


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