Easy way to Understanding

Oh yea its really huge problem for all of us to know a way how can we understand our Project,Tasks and Assignments that we have to complete. But there is a curious and easy way to understand the things with easy and polite way.

That is Pomodoro technique. so, actually its based on do again and again in different time intervals but in only one session. when you complete a survey then rest for some minuet and then start it again its Pomodoro technique

In my own life i had also implement this technique on different places but interesting one is this.

As i know i was in higher secondary school and there was a topic i tried to memorized again and again but nothing then i started to change my place like in lawn, on the roof and in the room but nothing. Then i prefer to change of my position of sitting but the topic was to rude. Then i realized that i must do some thing else. I just started thinking over and over what i do? Suddenly a fantasy comes in my mind to read with a unique way. its was a pomodoro technique even i wasn't know those time.

when we work again and again after some time intervals its opens the new ways of thinking, we can find new questions to our own self, different perspective of to complete it.