Khudi and Self learning

Taqleed ky rawish sy to behtar he khud kushi

Rasta bhi dhoond khizar ka soda bhi chor

khudi is about knowing own self, what qualities do you have? what actually do you wanted to do? which thing is best for you? whats are your obligations? As a human what are the you responsibilities? To knowing about all of these things is know as KHUDI.

To the other hand self learning is about applying all of those resources on your own self those full fill your KHUDI. Its actually a motivation to do some thing on your own self. Khudi and self learning are both together. with out missing of one of them we are just living body like wild.

As we read a great poet and philosopher Alama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal he always emphasis in his poetry to know your khudi and Amal. Because he was had believe on that if the nation known his khudi then now one can resist him to take their rights and to full fill your dreams.

If the self is alive, even poverty is kingship: 
The prestige of the penniless is not inferior to that of Sanjar and Tughral.