Its never YouOrMe but You&Me

For building a stronger India&World together as team!

India is the youngest & boldest today versus anytime in its life as a society, when it turns 71. With the nation’s collective childlike enthusiasm towards change, we need to nurture it with the right set of human values.

This picture is worth a thousand words to the changing social dynamics of a vibrant & dynamic democracy, but still miles to go before-we the citizens can sleep !

Professionally & personally , more often than not we come across:

Hierarchy versus parity

Competition versus collaboration

Pedigree versus competency

Training versus learning

Theory versus practice

Maths versus abstract

Science versus fiction

Teacher versus student

GodMan versus Man of God

Hearsay versus facts

Fame versus substance

Plan versus Trial&Error

Religion versus spirituality

Jargon versus humbleness

Self versus team

Faith versus trust

Money versus wealth

knowledge versus wisdom

Division versus synergy

Individual versus Community

Advertising versus Word of Mouth

One versus many

Dogma versus experiments

Marketing versus product

Showcase versus work

Power versus responsibility

ParentToChild versus AdultToAdult

And there are no perfect ZeroOrOne choices here, sometimes its the uncertain grey which we need to balance on between the two extremes.

The choice is ours as individuals while leading our lives. We just can’t expect our leaders to behave otherwise, when we the citizens ourselves don’t start doing the ‘right’ful.

I vow to start working on Self&Community of friends/family/colleagues/neighbees around me.

Will you too join me too in this collective journey as a team?

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