Andela Boot Camp Day 5 — Thinking Speed

Today was tough, but isn’t that becoming the norms, I couldn’t get electricity yesternight, so I was unable to do much at home. I got to the training center this morning with nothing tangible to say about the topic I was to research, but by the time I was to speak, the amazing bunch of intellects that I have surround me have given me more than I could have researched on my own, they said it all. I had so much to say about “Solution speed Improvement” than I could have said about the topic if I actually read on my own, that’s how learning has being made easy around here.

The day was open with a quick warm up after then came the game, I’ve being waiting for that, I like playing and when it comes with something to learn I can’t help it. “Sentence Completion” you get to construct an answer to a question with two other player while everyone contribute just one word, my group kinda sucked, but it was a fun game for everyone. I learned about, better communication skills.

One of my most important take out from this morning’s discussion is the importance of writing more optimized code. So many approaches were mentioned on how to develop better solutions, from knowing data structures, to code review, a lot was said, but what cut my attention the most was when someone mentioned “Think Speed”, When you develop solution, think about the speed, “Think speed”. It was like a message to me, and I’ll keep that in mind every time I code.

Just before coding started, Andela Director of training, Nadayar Enegesi payed the class a visit, which was purely informative, pep talk about Andela’s mission and what every fellow should expect and I was able ask if Andela requirement exercise will hold in the other part of the country anytime soon, the answer, well was “No” but it will with time. His speech inspired me and made me more determine in my quest.

I learned about binary search, tried to implement if and also ran a lot of other exercises. The last task of the day was to take challenges on hackerrank, three hours was given, but I was stuck on one throughout that time, I kept my promise of thinking speed but I think I’ve to develop an approach to doing it, I spent more time than i should on trying to develop the code. I need an approach to “think speed”. So the day ended on a low for me, not happy with my performance on the challenge but I guess I’ve the whole weekend to review them. And yeeeaaaah it’s weekend!!!