Andela Boot Camp Day Three,Everything But Easy

Started the day so excited, I was able to practice a lot yesternight, Spent a lot if time on codecademy to complete the python course and I played around git commands. So this morning I came in looking for a fresh challenge, my heavy eyes (from lack of sleep) won’t stand in my way, I thought to my self as I setup my laptop to begin the day.

It was a nice opening with discussion on the “Food for thought” topic we had to research on, everyone had so much to say about “How to make sure our code work”. Testing, vigorous testing, that one point everyone emphasis on. And lot more ways to be sure things works and to be able fix fast if anything breaks.

We got to play the “Yes And” game, another amazing game that teaches how disagreement within different parties involve within a development process can be handle. Someone brings an idea, another brings a ridiculously stupid opinion that contradicts the idea and you have to bring both of them on the same page, it was fun, not only because a lot of funny ideas were passed around but also due to the laugh everyone enjoyed during the process.

TDD — Where the Test Evolve the Code

The Testing Driven Development process is a very good process for a a lot of reasons but I like that fact that the test develop can dictate how code are implemented. I never had a formal training in software development before now, so learning about development processes will be one of my take out from this boot camp, from now on for every program I write I’ll let TDD lead the way.

Code On Paper and the WOW! Moment That Change How I think about Code Forever

We got to run a lot of exercises today, and a lot them were on paper, fun right? No auto-completing of keywords from intellisense, no running before submission, you just have to trust you gut and present the code. Some of the exercises made me understand the importance of the big O notation, It’s not just about code that works but about code that work the proper way, code that are optimized for better performance. Before today, I have mind set of building code that do what I want, Once It works I don’t care about performance that much, but seeing my instructor write a n(O) version of a code I wrote with n2(O) notation just with the introduction of a dictionary Data structure change my mind set and it was a Wow moment that has change how I’ll think of code from now on.

It’s day three and I don’t know how well I’ve done so far, but I’m happy I’ve learned so much in three days and also had so much fun. It’s turning out to be as expected with prospect of being mind blowing at the end of it all

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