Masters’ can wait, I’m Joining Andela

So in the wake of the big talk with my dad and uncle tomorrow on why I’m ditching my masters plan to join Andela(startup currently building a network of top tier software developers across the African continent — Techcrunch), I decided to write down my reasons and blog about it to be sure I have my points well assembled.

Education is Sh*t

It won’t be the best line to start with in a discussion with two people who have spent a great part of their working life in academia, but Education is sh*t. Yeah, you read that right, practical rules for success are changing so fast and Academics isn’t catching up. What we learn in school today is the same thing our parent were taught and the rules of life has completely changed since then. I have no faith in School Education again. You see we should just be taught how to learn, to read, to write, how to become something but not what to read, write or become. The only thing we should be taught in school is how to learn. The internet when used for the right purpose is better than any University or library, since it’s changing everyday to keep up with reality. For a while now I’ve held this strong opinion about education and I don’t want to continue studying for a better chance in life, I can get that without it, so if and when I decide to further my studies, it’ll be to learn in a new field which I’ll be needing to achieve a dream or something.

Started as a hobby and now I want to do it for a living

I got very bored one afternoon, I needed a break from Physics(my major in Undergraduate studies), I took a C++ class a semester before and never really practice much of the coding on a computer, it was just theory then, so I decided to play around coding. The lecturer did give a C++ compiler to use, I installed it, and started with the magic programming word, “Hello World”. After then, it was pure passion, I found something I enjoy doing. I went on to build a small program which could solve polynomial equations of up to third order using the various iteration method which I learnt from a course I took same semester. And that was how programming became a hobby, I never really took it serious until about 3 years ago during my internship, I taught myself, Java(went on to take the oracle OCA cert), Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS and I started writing web applications but still all for fun, until I realized that with my passion for building things coupled with my love for programming, I can go on to become a good Developer someday. And I think if all heard the quote “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” — Marc Anthony

So Why Andela?

For months before my NYSC program, I’ve thought hard about how I’m going to make a living out of programming, start a company? join a startup? become a freelance web developer? each of this many ideas which can be brought to life in different form, each have its own advantages and drawbacks, but which ever I choose I still have a lot learn. I have to be better as a programmer, be better at dealing with people(that’s kind of a biggy for me, because I’m kind of an Introvert) and bunch loads of entrepreneurial skills to learn. I drafted out plans which require time and funds, I started out on the plan already, faced with a lot of obstacle and fighting to keep up when I found out about Andela. Andela is offering to pay me in achieving everything I planned. Me and Andela had a common goal, be part of/build the next generation of developers for Africa. I applied the same day I found out, why the recruitment exercise was tough I was able to get in, for that alone I’m proud. The two weeks boot camp, which was the final stage for the recruitment exercise further showed me why Andela is just right, I learned a lot, working with the senior developers and great people, I couldn’t have wished for more.

Could I have had it better, maybe Yes

A day before I signed the Andela employment contract, I had hesitation. It has a big clause which I have to leave out of the discussion tomorrow, it’s a four years fellowship contract which I can’t just terminate, I don’t know the law term to use here, but in short I’ll have to pay damages to the company if I’m to terminate the contract before its expiration, — Four years is a long time, but it’s worth it. I could further with my masters, still continue on self study and since I’ll be studying abroad I may get a better chance to learn. I can go on with my plan and maybe create a successful company which will give me a platform to learn. I can go all length permitted in writing here on how I could have things better, but they all exist in “coulds and mights”. Andela is presenting a rare opportunity and I’ll love to be part of that. — So I spoke with one the smartest friends I have, she made me realize, that all the opportunity I’ve created all have huge potentials and the only way I won’t have regrets is to pick the one I like the most. Andela is handing me a chance to be a programmer right a way and that’s exactly what I want.

Joining Andela

My journey start in May 2016, and as the employment email read, it’s an invitation to a challenge, I love challenges and I’m pretty excited. I’ll be moving to Lagos, and for someone that has stayed in the northern part of this country for a long time that can be a little stressful, but it’s all part of the challenge. I’m looking forward to an awesome adventure into becoming a developer, meeting new people, being in a new environment and having an amazing beginning to life outside school. I’m joining Andela, Yeah!!!