Bitcoin Cash bombshell incoming soon? ;-)

Rule number one of investing: Never ever let politics and "religion" into portfolio!! Amen!

Rule number two of investing: Buy only undervalued assets! Money and wealth are made when price is dropping — that is time to accumulate and create position for wealth increase when tide changes! Amen second time!


  • we know that majority is selling free $BCH so we know who sellers are
  • on the other side there are strong buyers who looks like are accumulating $BCH — at the moment over 4000 $BTC is on bid and rising.
  • difficulty on $BCH chain is dropping and will drop further — blocks are mined slowly just enough to keep network alive and allow accumulation and "controlled" price drop — at least that is how it looks to me — I might be wrong for the record,
  • for sure in next days/week's difficulty on Bcash will significantly drop,
  • Exchanges and Services first said "No Bcash" — now mostly all will support… ;-)
  • ALL miners are supporting #SEGWIT lock — so they are honouring signed agreement — lock probably on Tuesday. Would be interesting to see if Core will accept #Segwit2X — they were not part of it so no obligation for that — another $BTC fork in November or power transfer to #Bcash — many scenarios in play — time will tell….
  • even there is huge campaign against Bcash on media and social networks price did not drop bellow $200
  • Listen to Peter Todd — I emphasise word "temporary":

As well do not discard Gavin — he is long in game and well connected:

There are many other fundamental facts that should be taken under consideration but I have NO time to write all now. Do your own due diligence… ;-)

Speculation — how things MIGHT play out:

  • Miners will honour agreement and lock #Segwit I am sure about that since that will give them strong moral position. They committed to #Segwit lock and they will deliver. But after that all bet's are off as far as I can see….. Especially if there will be NO support for #Segwit2x
  • Will Core accept #Segwit2x? What if not? Another fork?
  • Who's "baby" is Bcash? Not only ViaBTC for sure…. ;-) How much money and power is behind it. I remember that OS2 Warp was much better product at the time but Windows is here today. ;-)
  • Will miners start to turn hash power towards Bcash after #Segwit lock?
  • Will miners start to turn hash power if #Segwit2x comes in question?
  • To much people proclaimed victory of BTC vs Bcash and that game is over (I think that game just started and will last very very long — life thought me that Heard is almost always wrong and that is why it always ends up in Slaughterhouse,
  • Could Bcash be plan that will lead to control of both assets Bcash and Btc — check Peter Todd screenshot up here,
  • Looks to me that 99% is selling and 1% is buying — that leads to wealth distribution we have today…. ;-)
  • Could Bcash be close to bottom????? ;-)
  • What WILL happen to Bcash price if ONLY ONE stronger miner announces he will support it???? ;-) Remember that difficulty is dropping and we are closer and closer to stage where mining will be highly profitable.
  • much, much more but again, no time to write and many will be pissed of with this post but that is NOT my problem.

My conclusion that MIGHT BE WRONG:

  • this hard fork changed fundaments of the game
  • I would like that it did NOT happen but since it did above reevaluation is/was necessary
  • BTC and BCASH will coexist — blockchain is hard to die
  • we will have BTC as "open source" and Bcash as "Corporate" asset- each of them will have pro and con…
  • I do not understand why people are selling "Gift" which will serve as perfect hedge in time to come for peanuts — sound's to me like "religion"or "political" reason which will for sure drive most investors/speculators to public kitchen…
  • If there are so many willing sellers I will for sure buy assets that I consider undervalued even if that is Bcash ;-)
  • Just hint: try to remember how ETH/ETC fork went through and how ETC played out….. ;-) It will not be THE SAME but there will be few similarities for sure…. ;-)))

I know how I will play this one but please be master of your own destiny I was just here thinking loud…. ;-)

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