What you once knew you couldn’t do

As a beginner developer I was, and still am, faced with lots of problems that just seemed like so out of my league and despite me trying to solve them, it was either impossible and I gave up or required a lot of effort.

Nothing new here, everyone has to bite on what they can chew on.. So immediately I put these problems on the shelf of “this is out of my league, maybe some day”.

Concept vs Implementation

The frustrating part was that I largely understood the implementation showed in examples and tutorials but I…

*still clueless today although I know a bit about web development

©Peter Gabas (there’s a person at the end of the path)

I was always the weird kid who didn’t want to win any game, wasn’t competitive at all. Didn’t get along too well with how school works but I was curious enough one summer (I was 14, I think) to learn Photoshop from Youtube videos because I thought editing pictures was really cool.

And that’s how I slowly began to realize what a powerful tool the internet is.

Motivation for being self-taught

In the following summers, aside from wasting loads of time on video games, I learnt Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, all for the same purpose, I thought it gave me superpowers that ordinary people…

Mălin Brânduşe

I get paid to write bugs and also fix them.

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