Good night and good bye


I sleep in until about 7:45am and work out, pack my bags, and get ready while bæ is out and about looking for an ATM. Despite finding one online that accepts Visa, he learns that the map is incorrect and he needs to ask several sources for directions to the nearest ATM. Three ATMs later and it’s a no-go.

Our plan is to spend the minimum amount at Au Lac (300k) and use the Grab app to book a car to the airport. …

🤬 Broke, tired, and stressed out in the city


Even closer to us than the four-story restaurant and grocery store is a much smaller vegan place, tucked away in an alley right behind our hotel. Despite its size and location, Phuc Quang Chay is highly rated on Happy Cow. I also assumed that the food here would be on the bland side of things, in part due to its adjacency to a Buddhist temple. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I order their Bún bò Huế, a traditionally beef noodle soup. Growing up, given its murky broth and strong aroma and use of pig blood, I was not a fan. Now, as an adult and a vegan, the thought of a stew made of animal parts makes my own curdle. I decided to order its vegan alternative anyway, and the soup did not disappoint. …

Plant based options galore


We return to our dearly beloved Au Lac Healthy World, eagerly and quite quickly. Planning our stay near a vegan establishment, especially one with so many types of food, is paying dividends.

I am pretty boring so I opt for the “beef” pho and iced Vietnamese coffee. As we are waiting for our food, we check out the adjoining grocery store which has every type of mock meat possible. In the midst of ordering our meal, they somehow forget my pho (we experienced the same issue yesterday with another employee — and I am low key chalking it up as an issue due to language barrier). …


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I design and build things for the web through code. Born & based in LA. malinatran.com

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