His Job of Killing

Today I saw the orange-beaked bird for the first time. Earlier, I had also seen for the first time a beautiful light-golden and white hawk. It was killing a small mammal. I came running when I heard the awful sounds. At first I thought it had another bird, so I ran out and scared him off. Regardless, I couldn’t watch and he flew off, prize in claws. Jimmy said it looked like the Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom specials you’d see on t.v. I laughed. ‘That’s true’, I said.

I still heard the screaming from the little mammal as the hawk carried him away. Then, the sounds stopped. Not because the hawk had reached a lofty distance, but because, more grotesquely and as evidenced by his mocking from across the street, he had finished his job of killing. I guess that hawk showed me.