It’s not the end until it’s over

I can’t believe a month working in Lima is coming to an end. From the tastes, sights and experiences, there is so many moments that have touched my heart. I can’t put them all to words but here are a few I will cherish:

· Evening walks from Larcomar along the sea wall with the view of the ocean and occasional view of the sunset (when I was on time to see it).

· Our visit to Andares school for children with intellectual disabilities, when a young boy got off his seat in excitement and ran up to Marianne and I, and gave us a big hug and kiss. He then went to the males in our group, and just shook their hand. It was really cute, yet touching.

· Cooking class with the team- spending 3 hours to learn how to make pisco sour, ceviche, causa and aji de gallina.

· The conversations, adventures and travel with the amazing people I have come to know. I am so thankful for their friendship and these new bonds that will always keep us connected.

For our project, the Prisma team has been amazing to work with, bringing their wisdom, passion and of course humor into my days. We’ve been so fortunate to learn about the situation faced by people with disabilities in Peru through interviews and exchanges. Often times, we may not have spoken the same language, but we did with the language of the heart. We shared that human connection.

Our team leaves Prisma with:

· Our market analysis on the situation faced by PwD

· Marketing material that can be used for awareness- this includes this video

· Recommendation of a training curriculum to help PwD improve their IT & soft-skills

· Recommendation of a PwD network in Peru to bring top multi-national companies, advocates and educational institutions together

Trying to capture what this experience meant to us with just one world

Thank you Prisma and SAP for inspiring us, giving us purpose and the opportunity to make an impact. We hope Prisma succeeds in their mission to change lives for people with disabilities. We hope to stay in touch and continue to follow their journey.

And it’s not the end because it’s not yet over. It’s now time for action.

Marianne ‘Maz’ Macgregor Ciaran Harron Michael Roemer Thomas Madsen Esteban Samartín