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Jamal Wallace was an inner city kid who aspired to be a writer. He was gifted but hid talents from his friends in the neighbourhood.He didn’t want anyone to know that he had writing talent for fear of being isolated from his friends.

William Forrester, a recluse novelist, watched Jamal and his friends from his apartment window. Jamal and his friends were curious about the novelist.

Jamal was chosen to be the one who went to the novelist’s apartment to check out on him. …

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In the Nobel-prize winning Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Remains of the Day,” the writer narrates the story through the point of view of ‘I,’ Mr. Stevens, the dignified butler of Darlington Hall. He’s the protagonist of the story, yet he’s an unreliable character. You cannot trust his point of view because it doesn’t belong to him. It reflects the satires of many values the author wants to make in British society.

Mr. William Stevens is a kind of butler who dedicates his life to his profession. He considers himself good and professional with what he calls ‘dignity.’ But later in the…

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When you talk about creativity, you imply creativity in youth. For some reasons, creativity mostly means youthful creativities. Not so many people mention how to be creative later in life. In your old age, it’s as if there were more physical, mental diseases to be worried about. It’s like older people don’t care about being creative any more. Is creativity luxurious or redundant in old age? I wonder if it’s true that people should stop being creative at a certain age.

It seems like creativity blooms best at the beginning period of life. You teach young kids to be creative…

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The world becomes one under the widespread of Covid 19. All news channels, local or abroad, show a picture of a crowd of people bundled up with masks all over their faces when they go out. If they have no business to go out, they choose to stay home.

A lot of people, I included, choose to hibernate at home. We don’t know yet when the pandemic will die down, and the situation will become normal.

Instead of being stressed out at home, you should take advantage of this crisis doing many things you always wanted to do but never…

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Why Read

In my country like elsewhere, people read books less and less. As a literature teacher, I hope I don’t exaggerate when I say not reading books is almost the cause of all social problems.

Reading books trains anyone to think logically and have ideas of their own. It’s hard for people to persuade readers if they don’t have a solid point.

But some people are non-readers not necessarily because they don’t want to read books. They don’t know where to start.

It’s hard for non-bookworm teens to pick up 300-page novel to read in their free time. …

How to say it better in a subtext or silence

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A lot of posts discuss the art of writing a useful dialog. But, in many situations, silence, pause, and indirectness in a subtext convey what you can’t express in words more effectively.

What is a subtext? According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, ‘subtext’ is ‘a hidden or second meaning behind someone’s words or actions.’ In my definition, I would put it, ‘subtext’ is the opposite of dialog.

‘Subtext’ literally means ‘beneath the text’. Some critics consider the similarity between ‘subtext’ and ‘between the lines’. …

Stop worrying about forgetting the books you read

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To be successful as a writer or in other professions, you have to read, read, and read like Stephen King and Ray Bradbury said. The problem is how you can retain the knowledge from tons of books you’ve read. Stop worrying now. The knowledge you learn in those books never goes away. It’s there inside you waiting to pour out once you put your pen on paper and help you see the interconnectedness of those books.

If you write, it will come.

What ever you read is there inside you, but it may change its nature beyond your imagination. …

How writing helps me come close to a better version of myself

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I never thought I would ever get up at five am, but I now do get up at five ‘to write’ because of the serenity of the writing atmosphere. Getting up at five or a little bit later is not forced or miserable as I thought. I finish writing by seven am and have the rest of the day to myself.

Besides helping me to establish a morning routine, writing is beneficial to me and helps me come close to a better version of myself. …

Malinee Kaewnetr

Reader. Writer.Translator. Movie buff. Lifelong learner.

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