Our bunny passed away yesterday. She was suffering from an infection and was on antibiotics for weeks, and she seemed fine only a few days before. Since she wasn’t eating like usually does, we took her to the vet. I wasn’t there when it happened but when the doctor was examining her, for reasons we aren’t certain of, she screamed went quiet. Forever. I saw her on the table, motionless. The doctor and his assistant had tried what they could, massaging her heart and trying to get her to breathe, but to no avail.

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It took me a few minutes to proceed all this. I took her to the car in her basket. It was raining. My wife was already in tears, and I tried to comfort her. We stood in the rain for a little while. Then I got in the car and bawled my eyes out. My mom was calling, and I didn’t have the heart to answer because I knew she’d break down. I drove home through a web of tears. …

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d probably know that I have an unusual interest in mobile wallets and cashless payments. I suppose this stems from my anxiety and the reluctance to interact with people. Or at least, keep the interactions at a minimum.

The anxiety also prevents me from actually asking people if they support various services. It’s complicated. This is the reason why I never tried to use any services like Frimi in the wild. Well, that’s not entirely true. I tried and they didn’t go well.

When I heard that Frimi was starting to support all Keells branches, I was interested. It sounded like it was a proper integration and I could finally try it out. I did wait until people tried it out and reported back on Twitter and since the experience seemed positive, I decided to head out on a Sunday to buy some groceries for the house (I was out of butter and…

It’s been a few months after I initially tried out a bunch of apps that promise to change the way we deal with payments. I’ve tried to use them how I can, and my experiences have been rather poor.

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I wanted to write about this again because VISA has been pushing ads about PayWave on Facebook right now and Frimi has started supporting Keells outlets (which should work out well for them, since you can find Keells pretty much everywhere). …

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