Happiness is not the purpose of life
Raisa Nabila

Because I might understand this article differently.

If it’s about Life and living, I would agree about “the purpose of life” you have explained. I think, everyone needs purpose(s) for life. But then again, I assured myself happiness can only happen after you were in the state of unhappy (sad, angry, etc). You get sad, and then get to be happy. You get angry, and then happy in the next moment.

Is it really, in any possible way that we can stay “happy” all the time?

Life is about living. Living the very moment, like you stated. Whether, we are happy, sad or angry.

In my opinion life is about embrace. Make the best of you when those things happen. Embrace the feel, when you sad. When (maybe) you lost someone you love. It’s inevitable. But sh*t happens, and life goes on. It’s impossible to get happy when you are in a funeral, but you can make the best out of it. Learn it, embrace it. Look and feel at the bright side.

Then the cycle of life goes on. Living it. The life.

And for purpose(s) of life, I am sure it varies among people. What I understand is that as long as the purpose of our life is something immeasurable, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. As simple as that.

Some people dreaming of having small house in down-town area. That’s achievable.

Some people want 7 digit salary and brand new red Ferrari car. That’s achievable.

But Happiness, is on another level.

Some say, money can’t buy happiness. And I, myself rarely see someone with very good salary and nice car seems to be sad.

Before I get confused with my thinking and my grammar, IMO, purpose(s) of life is needed for us to live our life -Like you stated-. It’s THE thing(s) that keeps us stay alive. A direction to move forward. Whether we will achieved it or not ( God Knows better ) it does not matter. By embracing our life journey, let the life flows, while we are living it. Angry, Sad, Happy, Repeat.

I stumbled upon your writing while searching “Indonesian” in Medium. Nice title btw..