Why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day
Mitchell Harper

I see it this way. Everything has its own balance. You have to measure your own self. I won’t write “a limitation” (for those who love break-the-limit thing), coz some won’t like it. But the fact is, (IMHO) YOU CANNOT BE GOOD AT EVERYTHING. You maybe good at one thing, but bad at the other. If, maybe, Steve Jobs felt more important to choose greater decision for his company, rather than to choose his outfit. So be it.

Take the lessons from Jobs’ stories. Not all of it, some. For your own sake. Embrace it. Pick that suits you the most. Do it. And then if something goes wrong (and will be, because again human’s not perfect), find the mistakes, correct it, do it again. Or just, simply change it.

(Kim Kardashian does not dressed that bad , right? Her Business? err… made millions too… But if by any chance you meet her, ask her this.. (100:3)*2/3 = … )

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