10 Things to Avoid If you want to become a Self-Taught Frontend Developer

Malith Priyashan
Jan 7 · 4 min read
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I’ve been a Frontend developer for five years now. It was easy in the beginning but lately, it has become harder and harder.

When I started as a Web Designer I had to learn only HTML, JS and CSS. Now some companies don’t even care about these technologies. All they want is someone who knows React or Angular. It’s very good to learn these frameworks but if you don’t know the basics It could be very confusing.

As a self-taught developer, I made all these mistakes. Sharing my mistakes is the best way to help someone who tries to become a Frontend Developer.

Here’s what you should avoid If you want to become a better Frontend developer:

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  1. Copy & paste without understanding.

If you stuck somewhere while you working on a project as we all do we try to investigate the problem. If you can’t find a solution our best friend is the internet. You start searching on Google or StackOverflow. It’s ok to do this. But don’t just copy and past the solution. Read it. Try to understand it. Don’t ever just past a code without understanding.

2. Using CSS frameworks.

If you new to the Frontend world, There are tons of frameworks for everything. All these make our life a lot easier. Unfortunately, these frameworks are extremely easy to work with. When you archive really good output using these frameworks, You will stick to it. You gonna learn more about the framework but not the core CSS. So learn the basics first.

3. Using jQuery or some other frontend framework.

Yes, we all love jQuery. I started using jQuery from the beginning of my frontend journey. That was a mistake. One day when I wanted to debug a website using Chrome dev tool. I got an error when selecting an element like this $(‘#left-sidebar’). Because of this website was not using jQuery. And I had to google how to select an element using Javascript. From that day I started doing most of my work without jQuery until I learn basic Javascript well.

4. Not reading books.

This was a big mistake I made. I never really liked to read technical books. So I didn't even try. After a while, one of my friends recommended me a book. So I gave it a try. It was the best thing I did. From that day I started reading many more books about technology. You will learn a lot of things from books.

5. Learn without writing code.

It’s not a high school exam. Don’t just watch tutorials or read books. Take some notes or follow the tutorial at a real time.

6. Following the trend.

The Internet is a very confusing place. Everyone has their own opinion about everything. This will confuse you to understand what to learn first or which programming language should I learn. But just don’t worry about these things. Keep doing what you do. Respect everyone's opinion but don’t stop what you.

7. Wiring spaghetti/Lasagna code.

If you never heard about these. Check out Wikipedia article about spaghetti code. It’s good to learn and apply best practices from the beginning. Try object-oriented programming once you learned the basics. Try Bem naming convention. Stick to DRY coding principles.

8. Not helping others.

Go to StackOverflow and answer to some questions now.

9. Being Know-it-all.

In the programming world, there is always someone better than you. No matter how much experience you have we all meet someone who does advanced stuff that we don’t even know. But don’t worry It’s ok not to know everything. Also, don’t act like you know everything.

10. Not using online resources.

There are tons of resources on the internet. Just use it. Don’t waste your time to set up the local environment for a small task. Use the codepen.

Here are some useful resources :

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