When a program executes, it carries out various types of activities such as computations, doing IO, waiting on a condition. At the execution time, these activities have to be mapped to OS-level threads, and we call this mapping the thread model of the language. Most programming languages use the blocking thread model. In a blocking thread model, when the program carries out a blocking action such as IO, the OS level thread also blocks. In contrast, a non-blocking system does not block an OS thread when the thread needs to block on a blocking operation (e.g. I/O) rather it frees up the OS thread. A blocking system, on the other hand, blocks the processing thread until the task is run to completion. On a blocking system, if we increase the number of OS threads available while increasing the load, throughput increases. However, at a certain point, throughput starts to degrade and latencies start to suffer. The tail latencies increase dramatically. This is because, as the number of OS threads in the system increases, the context switch overhead start to dominate and each request have to wait longer to be scheduled. In a blocking system, if all programs do only computations, the optimal number of OS threads would be the same as the number of cores. …

Nihla Akram and Malith Jayasinghe


With the advancement of technology, the data production rate has increased. In numerous domains of application, it is a critical necessity to process such data, in real-time rather than a store and process approach. When it comes to real-time processing, many of the applications adopt the pipeline architecture to process data in a streaming fashion. …

Malith Jayasinghe and Krishni Hewa

Discrete Event Simulation (DES) has been used extensively in numerous fields such as manufacturing, health care services, computing (e.g. network simulations) and financial investments. DES models the operation of the system using a series of events and the simulation occurs according to computational and mathematical principles. DES constructs a conceptual model of a real system. This conceptual model is an abstract representation of the real system. …


Malith Jayasinghe

Computer Scientist, Software Architect, Programmer, Researcher, Senior Director at WSO2

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