Day 7 Boot Camp at Andela

Another day into the andela boot camp , as usual everything started with the some mild warm up exercise.

If you have been following me you know that at andela you learn new things everyday. Web API is another added today, not only knowing more about them but building one or more yourself with ruby . It’s really fun seeing your building those API which before now you thought it was a magic.Some API built today include

Feed API
GitHub API
Instagram API
Facebook API
Twitter API
PlaceFinder API
Answers API
Directions API
Yelp API
Indeed API
DonorsChoose API
New York Times Article Search API 
Google Books API and many more . This is andela

Also as a developer ,project management is a key point that shouldn’t be left out . Your projects needs to be organised for easy collaboration especially when working as a team. Trello is a tool that can help in organising projects , that’s another thing learnt today . I got to know more about the acronym MVC , faraday (HTTP client library) , sinatra , the list are endless.

Another thing many developers overlook is coding style , Coding Style Guides another topic at andela that will really transform the you have been coding . Some of which inclued

  • Name the enumeration parameter the singular of the collection. e.g when looping over a collection of books, say for book in books and not for b in books. It’s clearer this way.
  • Name variables created by a factory after the factory (user_factory creates user).
  • Name variables, methods, and classes to reveal intent. Intent describes the function of the class, method or variable.

and the list goes on and on

Andela is a place a software developer needs to pass through.