Business Cash Advance Loans are helping hundreds of Small Business across the UK

Why are Business Cash Advance loans great for Small Business

Obviously I’m impartial as I actively promote Merchant Loan Advance, a business that I have been working with for more than two years. Put simply a business cash advance offers unsecured business funding which is raised against future credit or debit card sales that your business makes on a day to day basis.

Business Cash Advance

The beauty about this type of borrowing is that it works in line with your cash flow for example if you have a slow month on sales then you will pay back a lower amount than if you were to have a good month you’d pay back the advance sooner.

By agreeing a percentage payback from each future card sale you will only ever pay the equivalent of that percentage agreed. Unlike a bank loan or any other traditional form of finance whereby you pay back a fixed monthly amount regardless of your business cash flow this only pays back on your card sales whether they are up or down.

Clearly this type of borrowing has had a large uptake over the last couple of years since the high street banks have largely closed their doors. It has not only plugged the gap left by traditional funders but it actually exceeds their old products through true innovation and a comfortable way to borrow money for your business.

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