Elected official Rehabilitation & Experiential Learning Program

My educational and rehabilitation program for all currently serving US government officials in the category of elected office holders. Possible exemptions will be discussed later.

72hours in a jail of the district they serve but not in one where they can easily bribe guards for “special privileges”. They are to be processed normally, as if they were in for a parking ticket they didn’t have the money to pay for. Currently there are indeed people in jail for exactly that “offense”.

Then upon release they will be given a means of travel near to a homeless shelter. If they represent a rural area then that may mean a grayhound bus or train or possibly a cheap car service that will leave them off within 2 miles of the shelter. If they represent a city or suburbs a metro card of one way fare will be given. They’ll be allowed an amount of cash equal to one bimonthly payment of temporary assistance for their area.

Once they arrive at the entrance to the building they are to face all the normal treatment- the searches,throwing out their items deemed possible weapons (like hand crank can openers, glass jars/bottles of their favorite spice/sauce & travel metal eating utensils) and other typical messes with entry.

Then the only lies/modifications will be that they will list their income & resources in the entry paperwork as having them at an income & resource level of the typical local social security recipient entering the shelter. Most of these officials are near or above retirement age and 46% & rising of the people in shelters are disabled with at least another 10% being seniors, so they will thusly be made to “fit in”. Due to the processing time of their health insurance application, and the fact that this is not meat to kill them, whenever they are in need of urgent care for things like heatstroke,frostbite and food poisoning, they will be treated first and then receive a copy with a second copy to be immediately published showing their name, need for care and which forms of payment that medical provider would have ordinarily required to receive treatment, with if applicable how long before the insurance said person was applying for would have taken before it would have been accepted. There is a slight chance that by the time they needed assistance they would have been covered and the provider would have accepted it but it is not enough of a possibility for this sizable exception of “normal treatment” not to be given.

Beyond those alterations and that of their reimbursement of the government for all the Temporary Assistance money they will receive, which will be all their allowed during their 9 month stay, they will go through the system.

Among other components will be filling out and awaiting the processing of applications for health insurance, application for temporary assistance (welfare), SNAP and a visit to their local social security office. Temporary Assistance and health insurance will be a three month wait, SNAP will take one to two months on average but in some instance may be faster.

Beyond those human services systems listed above they will also learn about the condition of our infrastructure as it relates to people beyond wealthy communities. They will learn the inefficiencies of these systems and how money is in most cases wasted in ways that hurt people in need of help and help people who do not need help. They may even see some of the staffers at these nonsensical jobs struggling to try to keep their humanity and kindness showing in the darkness around them and others being broken by the dark more than their clients.

As of 2016 data 46% of people experiencing homelessness were people with disabilities and this is an ever growing rate. Public infrastructure degree of decay shows income level of who lives in our country and this contributes to rates of disabilities among the working poor. Dramatic changes are urgently needed in our country.

7/16/2017 all rights reserved

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