This is piece that may in time be edited to include a broader listing of all the other protest limiting pieces of legislation but for now here are two articles on that to some extent I’ll compare here.

The Anti Israeli goods boycott bill is indeed an unconstitutional law but it’s one that both directly singles out one group & does so under completely false pretense.

Two falsehoods

1 that before this it was legal for companies to boycott Israeli goods- it wasn’t they just removed a small loophole in a 35+ year old law and enhanced the penalties

2 that if this was legal it would negatively effect the war criminal led current Israeli government, it won’t hurt the government but it will hurt poor day laborers, mostly Palestinians and a few Israelis.

So now some Jews are screeching “antisemitism!” on this but most like myself are just scared this will be used to target us further. For those who may say “but Schemer’s Jewish” a reminder that many people of various disadvantaged minority groups have in legislation passed bills that will indeed hurt a group they are a member of and this is a part of how those pieces of legislation get excused!

Many people are just shouting “right to protest” at least among my circles and that is a very valid issue because this, just like the other boycott bans before it, is indeed unconstitutional. There’s at least one typical corporate Democrat led legal group on this mess and they’re completely leaving out the context of this being a furtherance of an existing law that they never fought against!

The article I have included a link to does not mention the context of the older laws either or make an attempt to dilute the possible secondary effects of this.

The article on the legislation pieces for limiting local protests in terms of marches and rallies though is clear about the group of people that this is at least partially being targeted, namely indigenous people.

Both pieces show a furtherance of our loss of civil liberties/rights. None of the bills included nor any of the one’s passed long ago should stay in as laws. These are examples of an oligarchy synching down further on the rights of it’s citizens.

We need to regain our Free & fair elections project #Unrig especially the demand segment is one hopeful beginning to ending the oligarchy, as is this #DNCFraudLawsuit, gerrymandering laws being successfully battled, #RankedChoice voting, hand counted paper ballot systems being successfully put in place and others so there is hope around. We are still in a dark shadow folks, so please look out for each other and yourselves as we work together in moving forward.

I know there will be small straggling groups that will distract and annoy us, there will continue to be “divide to conquer” legislation pieces put up by the oligarchs, but we will get back our democratic government if we work together.

Published 7/25/17 all rights reserved.

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