It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

You’re so full of shit, I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll just take it from the top of your post and work my way down?

— — —

“After two terms... But Bernie Sanders decided to run in opposition… On the one side, Donald Trump… and on the other side, Bernie Sanders was saying essentially the same thing.”

Barrack was an excellent President, and Bernard had overwhelmingly positive things to say about him throughout the entire primary. While Bernard definitely didn’t shy away from pointing out what he felt were mistakes, he never even implied Barrack was a bad President. He in no way, shape, or form said ‘essentially the same thing’ as Donald Trump. Not even close. Links related:

“As Sanders saw his chances fade… attacks were not just directed against Hillary Clinton, not just against Obama, but against the Democratic party… He held his followers as collateral… badgered the Democrats into changing their platform… was already evolving to satisfy far left supporters…”

Any proof you wish to provide of his so-called attacks on Barrack? Without evidence, I’m just gonna call bullshit now. Bernard’s statements against Hillary were accurate, however much you may have felt it hurt her campaign: she wanted to appeal to more conservative voters, and as a result, refrained from taking extremely liberal stances on many issues. He believed (accurately) that this was the wrong way to pursue this election’s campagin. I would imagine that the leaked emails didn’t help her, either.

“Certainly Jill Stein shares much of the blame… running her own parallel campaign against Hillary Clinton… Bernie had given them a reason to hate… We needed all hands on deck exactly the opposite…”

Where the hell are you getting all this ‘Bernie Sanders instilled resentment and hate for Hillary’ from? You definitely need to cite this shit, cause that’s about as crazy as the birther conspiracy you’re railing on. Republicans had been smearing her for YEARS before Bernard ever stepped up to criticize her, so the hate and resentment against her that many conservatives felt was already there. The disdain that developed in liberals came about in large part due to the leaked emails, yeah, but that’s not Bernard’s fault. The worst that he did was say that Hillary didn’t go far enough on certain issues. And blaming an independent candidate for stealing votes? Seriously? Consider this: if all things are equal, then any votes for an independent will upset the balance. Sure. But there were two independent candidates this time around: one who pulls in mostly conservatives, and one who pulls in mostly liberals. The conservative independent pulled in way more votes (6% Gary Johnson) than the liberal independent (2% Jill Stein). And guess what? The mainstream liberal candidate STILL lost. Even though she did win the popular vote by a slim margin (46% Hillary Clinton, 44% Donald Trump) over the mainstream conservative vote. If ALL the independent liberal voters went to Hillary, it STILL wouldn’t have been enough to win her the election because they were spread out throughout the 50 states; not enough to turn even a single state’s electoral vote count, let alone enough for her to gain a lead over Trump. You’re blowing this completely out your ass.

“Now, not only are the most vulnerable Americans going to suffer, not only are the middle class going to suffer… America could not be more of a disaster.”

You emphasize the middle class here — and ONLY the middle class — without even realizing the significance of that. More on that later. However, I agree: the current state of American government has gone from ‘this is fine’ to ‘holy fucking shit’.

“And so I’m asking you… who helped destroy everything Obama has sought to build… to apologize. Apologize … Apologize…”

First: Barrack has done a lot of things. Destroying ALL of it will take time (and cooperation from Democratic congressmen). At this point, Trump’s administration hasn’t even started trying to take it apart. So don’t demand an apology for something that hasn’t happened yet.

“Why did you make your loyalists doubt that you really lost the primary… let them think you could magically convince delegates switch their allegiance… give Trump everything he needed to fan the flames of a “rigged” election… sit there slumped with that sulky look on your face…. many of your followers STILL THINK the primary was rigged against you! How big is your ego… Hillary Clinton beat you fair and square?”

Superdelegates can — and have — changed their votes in the past. This is a capacity that, even today, is rife with controversy. There was no ‘lie’ here at all. The leaked emails, paired with a paper published completely independently of Bernard or his campaign, cast enormous doubt as to the primary’s veracity. If you want to bitch and moan at someone, blame the insider who leaked the emails and the individuals who published this paper:

And as for Bernard not being all ‘smiles and sunshine around Hillary’, I just don’t know how to respond. You’re seriously complaining that he didn’t smile? The man hardly ever smiles. Jesus, you’re literally scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

“Now… President Obama has to SHOW HIM HOW TO DO THE JOB… You lost that war for us and for him.”

The situation is, indeed, laughable. But up to this point, all the support for your argument — that Bernard and his supporters are the reason Hillary lost the election, and that they should apologize for it — has been repudiated.

“You must apologize for taking for granted the progress Obama made… ALL OF THAT IS NOW GONE… Over… done, over.”

Again, you haven’t proven that Bernard or his campaign are responsible for this. At all. And Barrack’s progress is not yet undone. To repeal the legislation he passed requires 2/3 vote from Congress. Republicans have a majority, but not the automatic 2/3 needed. In order for it to be undone, Democrats need to also vote to repeal Barrack’s legislation.

The only ones to blame for Barrack’s legislation being undone, then, are those Democrats who vote to repeal it. To blame anyone else is pure stupidity.

“The Republicans have vowed to erase President Obama’s entire presidency. You must apologize… even if… you finally agreed to turn… around and reluctantly support Hillary Clinton… BOOED BY YOUR FELLOW SENATORS… it came altogether too late. You know it, we know it.”

Do you have any proof of this bullshit? Because most of the evidence from polling shows that at about 90% of Bernard’s supporters were expected to vote for Hillary in the election:

A 10% decrease in voter support from an opposing candidate during the primary that — as you seem to believe — has less support than the dominant candidate should not have the kind of effect on the election that you claim it does. More on that down below.

“It was bad enough when the sickest Republicans treated The President like he was a Muslim mole… It was EVEN WORSE when you, Bernie Sanders, tried to do the very same thing…”

Again: pure and utter horseshit. I challenge you to find even ONE article where Bernard is recorded saying something about Barrack that is anywhere NEAR as denigrating as some of the worst Republicans had to say. Please. This is a genuine request.

“You must apologize for now lamely saying that the “middle class is hurting”… that “Democrats didn’t connect with the working class” — implying that you could or ever did…”

You dance around the main reason Hillary lost while being completely blind to it. Put simply: Donald Trump had WAY more support among working class white voters than Hillary Clinton did:

What accounts for this? It’s really pretty fucking simple. Hillary targeted the middle class more than any other group during her campaign, whereas Trump targeted the working class. Strangely enough, in states where Bernard did better than Hillary, Trump also did better:

Hillary didn’t lose this election as a result of Bernard’s supporters. She lost it because she failed to mention the working class in her plans with anywhere NEAR the same frequency that Bernard and Trump did. The white working class is literally what won Trump the election. Without their support, he would have crumbled. All Hillary had to do was literally reach out and say to them on a regular basis, ‘I’m here for you’. But she didn’t. And that fed into their feelings of voicelessness:

“The hatred for Hillary Clinton… was bigger than their concern for… millennials… They’re screwed too.”

I could very easily turn this giant pile of shit on its head and frame it this way: Hillary’s refusal to so much as acknowledge the working class — let alone demonstrate to them that she would work to better their godawful situation — screwed us over. There were literally hundreds of thousands of working class individuals who lost absolutely all faith in the system and received no assurance from their own party that they would be taken care of. So instead of supporting the candidate the Democratic party offered — a candidate who made nowhere near the same kind of promises to them that Bernard Sanders did — they didn’t show up at all:

“Americans now stand on a terrifying threshold… You, Bernie Sanders (and you too, Jill Stein)… taught your followers that nothing President Obama did really mattered, because nothing he did was good enough, none of it passed your precious purity test. You did that, Bernie. You misled and then demoralized our warriors. Sure, when it finally dawned on you that we had been pushed to the precipice, you tried to turn it around. But by then it was too late. You know it. We know it.”

Actually, if you were to open your fucking eyes and see reality for what it is — rather than piss and moan over the situation, throwing utterly baseless conjectures without the tiniest shred of hard evidence to support them — you’d realize that the Democratic party fucked this up all on their own. Bernard Sanders mentioned the working class hundreds, if not thousands, of times during his campaign speeches. Likewise with Donald Trump. Clinton? Maybe a couple dozen times, tops. In most of her speeches, I remember exactly two instances where the working class was even mentioned. Hell, her husband Bill himself even urged her to address the working class in key states (key states that, mind you, she LOST):

“There’s only one way left to redeem your reprehensible place in history. One last shot to do what you surely know is right. It’s time for you to apologize to the President of the United States for what you’ve done.”

Dude, please. Enough talking out your ass for one lifetime, yeah? Get over yourself. And will you learn this time to start keeping yourself informed before spouting bullshit? Pretty please?