Build realtime DevOps insight dashboards from CI tools to Visualisation with no-code via Streamsets, Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio

Building DevOps realtime dashboards are sometimes more complex than building DevOps pipelines, and if implemented, dashboards often forgotten and lack realtime data, poorly maintained, require certain infrastructure to run on, has custom code to collect the data and clean it , limited to data sources due to the limited custom connectors and development cost grows exponentially with new cloud data sources and destinations.

The idea behind the this demo is to build a no-code, scalable, low maintenance and easily configurable…

Tesla Cameras

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not a production ready script and might cause loss of the vehicle if used outside of a secured location unattended.

Part 1 is a demo to build a basic facial recognition feature to enable locking/unlocking functionalities to Tesla vehicles.

Part 2 will be relying on cloud based image recognition and classification for better results without the need of an on-borad processing unit, with the help of Amazon Rekognition and an internet-connected raspberrypi to upload captured videos from SentryMode.

Ways to access vehicles

Lets begin defining some of the main methods used to gain access to vehicles:

Keyless entry…

Kaz Al-Kazwini

Software Engineer who lives by Cloud First thinking.

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