Do babies have responsibility?

Everyone has their fair share of responsibility. You are judged by what your activities can offer, how responsible you are and how you act upon it.

Consider the following scenarios:

#1. You, as a newborn baby, playing in your cot

#2. You, as a teenager, playing video games with friends

#3. You, in your middle age, doing your taxes

#4. You, as an elderly person, relaxing in the park

You surely know, how the final scenario can turn out.These are four scenarios most of us passes through.

In scenario #1, you are alone in your cot. You are giggling, playfully, surrounded by your toys. There is no need to cry. You know very well,a bit of your sound can make your mom hasty and grab you in her lap. So, you have no responsibility and your mom has all. You, though as a baby, bring out best of your mom’s responsibility.

In scenario #2, you are enjoying the excitement of the game. You are not alone, instead you must come in sync with your friend. Yes, you can rejoice a bit over your victory. This victory may mean somewhat huge for you, but in real life, it has tiny value. In your teenage years, you start to realize a bit of the huge responsibility which awaits you later in your career.

You spend your free time with your friends. At the same time, you must prepare yourself for the future, when you have to be in sync with other team members. Everyone has different responsibilities at work, you have one too. Your common responsibility, as a whole, is the topmost improvement of your company.

In scenario #3, you are at your prime. You have to know your responsibility well, no excuses. You are responsible for your family, your work and you. Do not forget your country also.If you are irresponsible towards any one field, say tax owed by the government, the outcome can not be pleasant. People can mock you and you can ruin your self-image.

In scenario #4, you are at the resting stage in your life. All you do is relax and engage in leisure activities. You can play golf, if you wish. Are you sure you do not you have any responsibility? I say, you do. At your old age, you can be a guide to everyone younger than you. You can show them the correct path, answer their questions, tell them of your life experience. Explain to them, how your experience can relate to their responsibility.

If you look at the above four scenarios, you can realize a common response exist among all scenarios. The intention is to seek wellness in all stages of your life. Your responsibility can bring wellness in your life.

I say it is never too late to realize one’s responsibility, the earlier the better. Just think of scenario #3. However, it is never too early to assume a new responsibility. Say you must address an issue, which does not directly come under your responsibility. Would you care to try it? You can give it your best shot. You can definitely improve your skills and experience.

To answer the title question, you must think babies do have some responsibilities. All they do is cry, make mess and take naps. Well, of course. the responsibility I am telling you is to report any problem baby is facing, whether it is hunger, dress change, temperature and others. A baby can not speak properly, but you can. It is your moral responsibility to report whenever something goes wrong and is not right.

Do remember there is a grown-up baby among us all.