Nothing like free-time….? Care for a me-time?

You have to take care of yourself. Even for a few seconds or so, take rest whenever you have sometime to spare, but know your duties.

The clock can rest anytime…when?

When can the clock rest a bit?

Soft pillows are clinging to your ears.

They will not let go, like a magnet.

You are having a good dream.

You do not wanna let go.

The ticking clock glances at you.

With a yawn, your lips utters silently, your day starts now.

You hate to think.

You freshen up. You ponder at the mirror.

Such is a familiar story.

Your work beckons you. You work for the money. Nobody can give you free money.

How long can you work without a rest? You can not work all day. You must not.

You have to re-energize yourself, often. This is why you are allowed breaks, in between work.

Outside work, how do you rest yourself?

You see, the clock is a true workaholic. It never takes rest, even for a single second.

You cannot talk to time. You cannot ask it to stop, to rest for a little while.

By the way, the clock can rest. When?

You see:

  • between power cut
  • during battery change, to replace old batteries

You can stop time, momentarily.

Before your time is stopped somehow, you have to rest yourself.


  • Take a gentle walk, during your work break
  • Do nothing, just sit and organize your desk.
  • Do some tai-chi moves
  • Sit on a bench and enjoy a gentle breeze
  • Sip through a cup of your favorite drink
  • Listen to some music and close your eyes
  • Yawn a bit, stretch your hands and drink a glass of water
  • Check your phone for any new messages, during breaks off course.

If someone asks you, do not be shy to blurt out you are on rest for a few seconds.


You must finish work before you are on rest. You can not take rest, anytime you wish.

You see, you are allowed to be on pause on valid occasion.

You have to remember what is allowed at work and perform yourself according to rules of work.