Satisfaction in learning from an epiphany?

What can you learn from an epiphany?
You need a clear head first after an epiphany. Be satisfied if you are okay. You must ask for help if needed. Do not panic.

Falling down in mere games:

As a kid, I played many games. Soccer, Cricket to name a few.

I can remember I used to play a game called “Rescue”. In this game, one team used to run and hide, while the other team would run to catch the members of opposite team. One rule of this game is, members of the same team could release a captured fellow team member. To do so, the member would have to say “Rescue”, clasping the mate’s hands. While in the game, I did fall many times, sanding my trousers. Landing flat on the ground, my back would lay on the ground. Lying flat, I did get a good view of the world upside-down. I did feel like a upside-down tortoise. Not anyone would kick my back or take me for a soccer ball. I can speak for the agitated tad. Nobody would want to be a tad, for the just reasons.

Going uphill near the bus-stop:

Seldom not, I attempt tasks without thinking of the repercussions.

Once I had bought a handy cam because it was my sister’s wedding. Now, I could not operate this camera, but I had bought it for a good cause, I could sense my satisfaction.

In another time, I had bought a mini-laptop. Perhaps, it was my craze then. Just came to the market. Was my first laptop and something I could call mine. My satisfaction… Sadly though, my satisfaction was lost as I lost possession of both the camera and the mini-laptop.

Gleaming sky!

Just a few weeks ago, something occurred at my seldom-possessed workplace. All of a sudden, I decided to leave the place. I had finished all tasks assigned to me. I felt I was not required at the place. Long after escaping the front door, I realized I had missed visiting a dearest one. I did not want to go back, though.

Before long, I reached close to the bus-stop. It takes around seven long minutes, on foot, to reach the stop from work. I did not realize how this minutes passed on the fly. A tiny bird must have been chirping all along in my head.

Getting close to the stop, I must have stumbled onto something and I fell on my back. I was in face to face with the huge sky far above me. Ever tried, in your naked eyes, looking at he sunny sky? I believe not. Maybe, it was laughing at me.

My next glance fell on McDonald`s display board. But, to no satisfaction thinking of the $1 pops as I was on fast.

Upon reaching home, I realized tiny bruises on my right leg. I was not myself.

The little bird must have possessed me.

Climax at the restaurant:

I had worked at a busy restaurant for four long years, part-time of course. My job was of a ware-washer. I was painfully slow at this principal job. While any other tasks given to me, I was the management`s automatic first choice.

It was one afternoon in 2010, when this happened. I was putting a clean yogourt bowl on a top shelf, and it must have hit something. Portion of the counter was littered with glass pieces. I was in a state of utter shock. What just happened through my own hand! The restaurant was packed. It bears an open kitchen. The kitchen staffs and the entire crowd was in awe for a few moments. A co-worker took me to the hospital shortly. Whenever I glance at the scar on my left palm, I am reminded of this sudden epiphany.

I consider myself pretty harmless, but what just happened could easily hurt a lot. I am not an expert in a lot of things, including giving advice. I feel I am not qualified enough. I call them tips, which are my suggestions only. I am just glad if they support you. For anyone in any scenarios involving an epiphany, I suggest the following: — Avoid any puddle of water and debris — When getting up, make sure to hold onto a sturdy object — Let yourself clear up your head, not feeling dizzy. — Stand up and get help, if required. — Never panic.Drink a glass of water only.

An epiphany comes without any prior notice. Be sure to know what to do.

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