In conversation with the King of Entrepreneurs

“Was it hard stepping out of your comfort zone?”

“I never really saw it as stepping out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t happy with my engineering job; it was that job that was uncomfortable and awkward for me. Moving to the sales job was me stepping into my comfort zone. Selling was what I felt comfortable doing. People stick with what they know because they are scared to try something new. I was scared to stay where I was; I was scared that I might still be there feeling uncomfortable and awkward thirty years on. I liked new challenges, new experiences, and learning new things. Being stuck and not achieving what I wanted to do was terrifying to me.

“I liked working for my first photocopier company. It was a good place to work, and I was doing well there, but then I found there was a better product so I couldn’t stay. I am much more convincing when I believe in what I am saying. People pick up on that; you can’t fool them. If I say what I think instead of what I think people want to hear then I was always more successful.

“I moved on from companies I worked for in the knowledge that I could fail, but I felt better in myself for doing that. If I had stayed as an engineer and been unhappy then I would have failed, if I had sold an inferior product, then I would have failed. If things didn’t work out, then I would still have learned from it.”