In conversation with the King of Entrepreneurs — being the best.

“What made you different from everyone else?”

“I made a commitment to being the best. I knew that cleaning windows wasn’t something I was going to do for the rest of my life, but I wanted every single one of my customers to miss me when I stopped. I wanted them to complain about every other window cleaner they ever had, for the rest of their lives. I wanted them to remember me. Once I made that commitment, it was easy. That thinking made me put in an extra effort. I spent more time on the job, and I talked to my customers. Every time I finished, I insisted that they look at my work and if they weren’t happy I would take the chamois over it again until they were. I never left unless they were one hundred percent satisfied.

“Even now when I meet old customers, they complain to me about their window cleaners, most of them don’t even use a cloth or chamois. They just hose them down and go over them with a brush. It takes them ten seconds to clean a window. They can’t possibly be better than I was because they are not spending the time on it I did. A heavy shower of rain does a better job than some of the window cleaners I have seen.

“I still believe that having the commitment to being the best is what sets my businesses apart. Reputation is one of the easiest things to destroy. If I do a bad job or provide poor service, then people tell their friends. The other ninety-nine great jobs doesn’t come into it.

“When I go back and visit my parents, I occasionally bump into some of my old window cleaning customers, they all ask me if I would come back and be their window cleaner again. I get kisses and cuddles, praise and admiration — all I did was clean their windows.”

by Malky McEwan, Author.