Here is a funny thing… It doesn’t matter.

For me, writing my blog is recording something that has made me laugh out loud. I go back to it time after time and still the stories make me smile. So, if no-one reads it, it doesn’t really matter.

I found that with my book:-

The really FUNNY thing about being a COP.

It still makes me laugh. The fact that people say they nearly peed themselves laughing at it, is the icing on the cake…

But and this is a big BUTT — if you didn’t read it, it wouldn’t really matter to me.

I’ve written five books and I still go back and use the lateral thinking questions to keep my colleagues amused and never be bored in any social situation. I read my funny book to make me smile and I use my inspirational book:-

What’s the BIG DEAL

To remind myself what I need to be doing to move forward.

So… children. If you can use your own writing for your own personal benefit, you need never worry about anyone ever reading anything you write ever again. Just write.

Laughlettersblog… if you need a smile.

Malky McEwan

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