7 Fiction Books That Change The Way You Think
Darius Foroux

This is a good question because my second most favourite thing is talking about myself.

I have hundreds of books, they sit on every available spot around the house. The ones I have still to read sit on the shelf above my desk — I salivate at the thought of working my way through them. Choosing my next book to read is always a pleasure.

Your question made me look up at my shelf and I noticed that several were books I had already read. These were the books I didn’t want to part with. I didn’t want to put them out of the way and forget about them. Sixteen in total. So I picked one at random (took my age and counted back and forth until I stopped on one). It was:

The Fight by Norman Mailer.

A mesmeric book about Muhammad Ali and the ‘Rumble in The Jungle.’ I think I might read it again. At the very least I’ll type in Ali’s name on YouTube and watch Muhammad Ali being majestic and profound.

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