I Tried Soylent. It Didn’t Go Well.
Geraldine DeRuiter

Like you, I had a blog and I wanted to do something interesting for it.
I had been following Soylent since its creator was just getting started… I was a poor college student and going through one of the most manic periods of my life trying to keep everything together. 
So I actually went in for a 6 month supply at the Kickstarter with the little bit of money I had. Which sucked when it was super late, but I only went a little hungry sometimes. By the time I actually got my order of Soylent, I wasn’t even in school anymore and everybody else had already tried it out. I guess they got in early for being more prestigious news people. 
I was going to try it anyway, but was stopped by what seemed to be instant headaches every time I consumed it, within only a couple hours. I had to stop my experiment because I figured… nothing that causes me a headache within a few hours of ingestion can possibly be good for me to keep consuming.
Well the rest of my bags sat and sat and sat away in closet as I tried to decide whether I was going to give them a way. One day, I opened the door to find that a rat had eaten several bags of the soylent. It’s extremely fat corpse lay on one of the emptied packages.

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