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Justice is prevailing. This has been going on far to long and it’s about time that justice is being applied to “law enforcement.” How many times have we seen police murder unarmed citizens, and walk away free?? They’re internal investigation are a farce of justice. Being judged by their same officers is crazy. Why don’t we allow prisoners to do all parole hearing of their fellow inmates?? To many good officers are tarnished by these corrupt officials. If you attack any “public official” there are special circumstances that can double the sentences of the defendant. Why isn’t this same standard applied to the public officials, that have sworn to protect the public?? And getting rid of asset forfeiture would be a good start to stop police of robbing people under the authority of the law. Anyone thinking that law enforcement doesn’t cover up their crimes to protect each other needs to look at this “leader,” that helped promote the problem of police brutality. This leader should get the maximum 20 years, it will send a message that crime does not pay, even in the police department.

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