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Total hypocrisy by the Republicans. The 60 vote rule, was blocked, because the Republicans would not allow any Federal Judge be confirmed to the bench, because they were Obama appointments. Clogging up the Federal Courts because of pure politics. Republicans talk about law and order, but the only “law and order” that they care about, is for their big money donors. Judges that rule against ordinary citizens, in favor of Corporations and the 1%. Now they claim it is partisan politics, when they would not allow Obama’s Supreme Court a hearing, because that was pure politics. Just look at their “tax break” disguised as a Healthcare Bill. Doesn’t address the millions that will lose healthcare, but gives massive tax cuts to the 1%. Any half witted moron voting for these policies, betrays the average American. All hail to the American Oligarchy, they’ve bought the best Government that their money can buy. Shameful!!

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