So because you guys are still butthurt that Obama gots some flak from the right, you want to go…
Dallas Dunlap

Your deflecting from the point. This is how modern day politics works. Weather you or I like it or not. I would think Republicans would be happy with their success,but I mostly see them crying about how unfair everyone is to them. Time for them to put the BS aside and govern.Lee Atwater started this back in the 80s. But sadly it looks as though the Republicans are incapable of governing. Just looking at the Healthcare plan,that they came up with in the last 6 months. All they talked about was repeal and replace and now we see they never had a replacement plan. They had 6 years to come up with something and all they came up with was saying repeal and no alternative. Now they face the task of fulfilling their promise, of having a better plan, cheaper premiums and getting more people covered. Sounds good but in reality they lack the knowledge to perform Quit blaming Democrats for the Republicans lack of leadership. They control 2/3 the elected offices and all 3 branches in Washington. Time to take some responsibility and govern and stop crying and blaming everyone else for their ineptitude.

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