Kali Calls Today

The rainbow. A spectacular show where the spectrum of sunlight comes together through millions of tiny droplets to give us a vision of unparalleled beauty. What a potent symbol the LGBTQ community has harnessed to signify its presence and its dreams. What a metaphor for how we can come together in all our gorgeousness and diversity. Ah, there’s the deep maroon red and the soft lilac. Oh, and let’s bring in the azure and the spring green. What about the silver of the moon and the yellow of the daffodils? There they are!

Credit: Jonathan Hochman

No. Stop. I grieve. I howl. I erupt.

I am not ready for rainbows right now.

All the colors merge into black light.

Kali calls.

The Divine Mother. The Dark Mother. The Goddess of Death.

She who destroys our egos — our self-obsessed view of reality that leads to ignorance and the many ways in which we harm ourselves, one another and our planet.

She speaks through me:

Kali by Raja Ravi Varma

“Feel my rage as I tear you to shreds. Feel my wrath as I turn you into cinder. Feel my power as I blow your body into a million little fragments.

See that tsunami? That’s what happens to the drop of water when it’s pushed too far. Yes, that’s you struggling to find the shore.

Can you feel the tremors of the volcano erupting under your feet? The lava coursing over you and burning you to ash?

You won’t stop?

Here’s the typhoon — how small and infantile you look spiraling in the wind. Should I throw you against that skyscraper as I bring it down? Can you feel the shards of glass cutting you into little pieces?

I tear your heads off with my mouth. The blood runs down my body and I revel in the warmth.


Mother, mother, love me you cry.

I do.

Feel my love.

Your time is done.”

Today the summer solstice and the full moon come together for the first time in nearly 50 years.

A powerful day for transformation. I bow to Kali.

I claim and release my rage. I choose instead to power potent love.

What calls you today?

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