Hello! I’m trying to follow your tutorial on setting up a multi-org, multi-host fabric network.
John Ho


  1. Did any of these throw error?
  • ./bymn.sh up -f docker-compose-orderer.yaml
  • ./bymn.sh up -f docker-compose-org1.yaml
  • ./bymn.sh up -f docker-compose-org2.yaml

2. please check if docker services are running on all three pc’s (orderer (pc1,org1(peer0 & peer1 & cli) on PC-2, org2 (peer0 & peer1) on PC3). if docker service ls

docker service ps --no-trunc {serviceName}

3) to get the name of cli on PC-2, use “ docker ps” and use container name

4) Please share your system configuration and docker logs incase. I tried with 4 GB RAM and 16GB SSD