Ravecon0 is dead. Ravedao is born.

Devcon has always been a sacred communion with the spirit of Ethereum. The value derived from our community convening to rekindle this spirit far exceeds that of any technical talk or networking opportunity. It highlights what makes Ethereum exceptional: our collective vision, our shared journey, and the vessel this spirit provides to catalyze positive change. No hard fork, governance meltdown, or technological threat, can take that from us. If necessary, it will certainly survive the decay or death of the current Ethereum chain.

We are a project and collective dedicated to expanding the consciousness of crypto. Our community wields the potential to transform the cogs and gears of society, but is burdened by the weight of its own technical brilliance and capital allocation. Without an exploration of the creative fringes, interdisciplinary emergence, cohesive and inclusive culture, and an introduction of minds and wills from seemingly remote fields, we will not reach the positive change we desire for humanity.

Ravecon is not a crypto project, but an amplification of this spirit and merger with something long forgotten. It is a fiction, that became an event, that became an organism, to reawaken the spirit of rave. In this way, crypto and our community, provides a platform and fuel for this rebirth, but can never take ownership over the organism. The rave must remain free and shared by all of its participants. It must always be inclusive of communities foreign to crypto. It is the cyborgification of a transcendental spirit lost in the ruthless commercialization of a culture beyond any individual.

Ravedao was born. Not only was the crypto community introduced to a culture both alien and ever present, it inspired the Prague community to pursue a new era of rave, beyond the confines of a club or common techno. In this way, Prague and its cultural community has provided a gift to the crypto community, and likewise, crypto has brought Prague a reemergence of experimentation in collective euphoric experience. Ravecon0 would never have occurred without the fervent dedication of Lunchmeat, a local organizer and creative studio in Prague.

ravecon(>0) is coming.

ravedao welcomes you into its emergent fractal euphoria.