Throwback Thursday: Maddie’s First Snow

Maddie is not amused with the camera in her face.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to take a road trip to Colorado Springs. This was Maddie’s first road trip so I was nervous about how she would handle it. She’s a herding dog which means she has more energy bottled up on any given day than what I typically consume in a week. Thankfully, she either just slept, chewed on her squeaky toy, or looked out the window like she was a part of a dramatic scene in a movie. She is a bit of a drama queen.

When we finally arrived, I decided to go to a park I knew would be big enough for her to run around. It snowed a few inches earlier that day and the ground was still covered. This is significant because Maddie is a Texas dog and most Texas dogs don’t understand the concept of snow. Unless they are from the Panhandle. The Panhandle is an anomaly in many respects.

When I opened the door, Maddie jumped out and right into a few inches of snow without even thinking about it. Maddie’s a Mini Aussie so she’s pretty short. The snow almost covered her little legs. It didn’t faze her, though. In fact, there was something about the snow that gave her an extra burst of energy. She started running around as fast as she could, digging her nose into the snow as she ran.

She did this for a couple of minutes while I watched. When she wasn’t running, she was pouncing on what I can only assume was just more snow.

Pure joy. Maddie has never backed away from new environments. She’s always up for exploring. She reminds me that new situations shouldn’t intimidate but energize. Yeah, well… I’ll let her jump right into the middle of a new environment while I carefully assess the situation from a safe distance first before I make a move. It’s one of the many reasons why we get along so well. She’s a good traveling buddy.

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