The City as a Canvas

When an international street artist comes to Tallahassee to paint a few murals on our walls, it’s a big deal.

Heck, it’s even a big deal if a local artist paints a mural in town. But I get it. My own eyes instantly light up at the mention or sight of new street art. I seek intentionally seek it out. I’ve been documenting local street art and graffiti through my blog, I Heart Tallahassee, for the past several years, as well as capturing it on my travels. Tallahassee has largely been left out of the street art and mural craze that has swept cities across the world.

But it’s our time now, thanks in part to Street Art Tallahassee.

See more Tallahassee street art and murals

Happy mural hunting!

Street Art Tallahassee’s Chiara Saldivar McCluskey

Murals brought to Tallahassee by Street Art Tallahassee and sponsored by CRA and COCA. Special permission from CSX Railroad for use of property. Art by BirdO.

Photography by Mallory Brooks.



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