New York, New York

As I sit here in the coffee shop across the street from my apartment, feverishly applying to jobs, sprucing my resumé, and trying to join the nine to five crowd. I am inspired after the drains of apartment searching. I will never wish those pains upon anyone, okay maybe I would in a new road rage back home in Tennessee. “I wish you were looking for an apartment in New York City”. Sounds silly, but honestly was the most draining and almost discouraging process I have ever been through, but sleeping in your bed in your new halfway finished apartment never felt so rewarding. Living in the lower east side full of mom jeans, Doc Martens, full of urban rednecks a.k.a hipsters has taught me in only two short days has inspired me to be myself and push myself more than ever. As I finish my ham croissant (which is delicious by the way), I will be starting my next search… my career. Today as many others in New York I will be reminded not only of who I am and where I came from, but who I want to be and who I will become. People here are beyond inspiring and I know that this was my destiny. This is where I was meant to be.



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